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Changes in DRS rules for Men’s

Changes in DRS rules for Men’s and super over for Women’s cricket: ICC is constantly working towards the improvement of cricket and its rules to provide a fair play environment for the players. A lot has been changed since cricket has been started way back in the 18th Century.

Changes in DRS rules for Men’s and super over for Women’s cricket: DRS is one such change that took cricket to a new level. The DRS was introduced to reduce error and improve the decisions made by the on-field umpire. But recently, the DRS has come into criticism mainly due to the LBW decision. So the ICC Cricket Committee on Thursday approved three changes to the Decision Review System (DRS) as well as third umpire protocols to further improve the decision-making on the field.

Changes in DRS rules for Men’s and super over for Women’s cricket: Seeing the issues being faced in International cricket for LBW reviews, ICC decided that to change the Wicket Zone. The height margin will be lifted to the top of the stumps to ensure that the Umpire’s Call margin around the stumps for both height and width.

In one more change, the bowler can ask the umpire whether an attempt has been made to play the ball before going ahead for an LBW review.

The short-run decision can also be taken by the third umpire as per the new rules. The decisions were taken after a series of virtual conference calls between the officials.

The Cricket Committee had an excellent discussion around Umpire’s call and analyzed its use extensively. The principle underpinning DRS was to correct clear errors in the game whilst ensuring the role of the umpire as the decision-maker on the field of play was preserved, bearing in mind the element of prediction involved with the technology.

Umpire’s Call allows that to happen, which is why it must remain

Anil Kumble, ICC Chairman

The ICC also announced that the interim COVID-19 regulations that were introduced in 2020 to allow international cricket to resume as quickly and safely as possible will continue to be applied.

Updates in Women’s Crickets rules

ICC also approved two changes to the women’s ODI playing conditions. The discretionary 5-over batting powerplay has been removed and super over introduced for all tied matches as a decider.

Also decided that ICC’s Full Member women’s teams will get ODI and test status. Additionally, the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games matches will be classified as women’s T20 Internationals.

ICC events Updates

COVID-19 has had a huge effect on the development of the U19 world cup program and teams would be unable to properly prepare for a global event later this year. The event will take in January 2023.

The ICC had postponed the Women’s World Cup from 2021 to 2022 in New Zealand due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and women’s T20 cricket will debut in the Commonwealth Games 2022 in Birmingham.

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