Mirabai Chanu Wins Silver Medal in Weightlifting

Mirabai Chanu register the first medal for India in the medal tally winning a silver medal at Tokyo Olympics 2020

A proud moment for India and Mirabai Chanu to clinch a silver medal in weightlifting 49Kg category. Hou Zhuhui from China won the gold and Cantik Windy Aisah register a Bronze medal.

In the Snatch: Mirabai Chanu started off the snatch with 84Kg in the first attempt and succesfully lifted it. In the second attempt Mirabai went for 87kg in the second attempt and cleared it easily. A great control and stability shown by the Indian. Then in the third attempt, Mirabai Chanu failed to lift 89Kg. Chinese Weighlifter Hou Zhihui set a new olympic record with a lift of 94Kg finished in the first place after the snatch round.

Clean & Jerk: In the Clean and Jerk, with a seven point deficit in the snatch round, Mirabai chance of winning a gold was bit tough but Silver was up for grab. Hou Zhihui first attempt of 109kg was effortless and easily lifted the weight. Mirbai Chanu went for 110kg in her first and lifted it successfully assuring a medal for India. Mirabai Chanu in her second attempt goes for 115kg and executed it properly and made a new olympic record. But Hou Zhihui came back strong and lifted 116kg and broke the Mirabai’s record. Mirabai Chanu again attempted for 117kg on her final attempt. Mirabai hold a world record of 119kg in clean and jerk so, 117kg could have been a new olympic record but she failed to lift and settled for the silver.

Mirabai Chanu completed with 202 points falling short by 8 points from Chinese weightlifter Hou Zhihui who grabbed the gold with 210 points. Aisah Windy Candika won the Bronze for her country with 194kg in total.

US lifter Jourdan Delacruz who was strong contender for a medal failed all three attempts at clean and jerk. Veteran lifter, Hiromi Miyake also failed to register a total.

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